Legacy of Doorn

They let the dead out

The party descends the stairs they found in the temple into a room infested with vermin. Cilah gets caught in the pincers of a stormclaw scorpion, getting electrocuted while Gnasha gets wrapped up in the vines of a large bloodthorn. The party defeats the beasts, eliminating the bloodthorn by throwing alchemist’s fire on it. In the southern part of the basement is a pit with a rope hanging down it, the party climbs down.

Narrien is the first one down, he sees a troop of goblins prying and hammering at a stone slab on the floor. Narrien feysteps behind a pillar on the west side of the room as the others finish climbing down the rope. The battle is brief but intense with Cillian scoring several perfect shots. After the dust settles the party notices the remains of a chalk outline and some candles on the stone slab the goblins were trying to break through, Narrien concludes that this was the site of a ritual to keep undead contained.

The party examines and unlocks the door to the south, but starts hearing a knocking coming from the slab. The knocking becomes louder and more frequent as the party decides to move into the next room. In the next chamber they discover a pristine pillar covered in runes. Narrien and Gnasha recognize it as a Keystone Pillar.

All the while the knocking keeps getting louder until the party hears a loud crash, as they look back into the previous room they see a skeletal hand reaching through a crack in the stone slab, soon a few more arms and hands follow. The party shuts and locks the door to the previous chamber and focuses on opening the other door on the east side of the Pillar room. Cillian attempts to pick the lock but accidently breaks the lock instead. The undead horde start trying to break down the door by slamming and pushing against it. In a panic the party starts doing the same to the other door in an attempt to get away. Unfortunately the skeletons and zombies break through the door before the party could make any headway. The party is then forced to face the zombies head on. Narrien begins blasting the zombies with radiant energy all the while hacking and slashing with his scythe. Two zombies cling to Cilah and begin dragging her towards their tomb, while Gnash and Cillian work to free her while wading through a group of long dead skeletal warriors. The final zombie is destroyed just as it was dragging Cilah down into the tomb. The party does however notice a fine suit of dark hide armor (darkleaf), in addition to a ceramic container of coins, most likely the booty that the goblins were after. The party then turned their attention to the door with the broken lock.


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